Supermarket Slips and Trips

Slips and trips can occur just about anywhere, but some of the most commonly reported accidents of these kinds occur in supermarkets.  Due to the nature of supermarkets, they are prone to slips and trips accidents and this is the reason strict guidelines must be followed to ensure the safety of the shoppers.

If you have been injured in a supermarket slip or trip accident, you should consider making a supermarket accident claim.

Common Causes

Slips and trips in supermarkets can occur due to many reasons.  It can be seen that supermarkets are always packed with food items, fruits and thousands of other items which can give rise to slips and trips.  Common hazards that can lead to supermarket slips and trips include:

  • Liquid, oil or water that has been spilled on the floor
  • Slippery surface following a clean up
  • Soft fruits such as loose grapes lying on the floor
  • Food items which have been spilled but have not been cleaned
  • Packaging material and boxes left on the floor

No matter what the cause of your accident was, it is the likely that it was the responsibility of the supermarket to address the problem.  The supermarket should have warned customers about the potential hazards.  For example, they should have put up warning signs in areas where there was potential risk of getting involved in an accident or sustaining an injury.

Supermarkets are legally obliged to do all that is reasonably practicable to eliminate or reduce the risks of slips and trips.  This includes ensuring that the floors are clean and clear of obstructions, spillages have been cleaned, goods are stacked properly on the shelves and hazards are signposted.

Making A Claim

Supermarkets have a duty to take care of your health and safety and if they fail to do so, it can amount to negligence and they will be liable to pay you compensation for your injuries.

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